January 23rd, 2006


[Usernames & Passwords] 71, 104, 127, 148, 202

All information, including errors, on usernames is now in 127 and all information on passwords is now in 71. Some of this information was previously in 104 or 148, which now link to 71 and 127.

Also, 127 has a new title: Why can't I have the username I want? Can I have the username of an abandoned account?

Edit: Based on snarkbite's learn_support entry, I added information on the Site and Username search to 202 and more reserved prefixes to 127.
smallville //by??

Linking Portal~MyLJ link from updating methods FAQ(s)

#104 - How do I create an account? How do I get started? and #222 - How do I update my journal? discuss how to get er started and how to update your uh journal.

Anyway, the Portal should probably be linked from the FAQ #222 in addition to update.bml. Referencing the Portal in FAQ #104 as well might be redundant though. The bullet point in FAQ #104 mentions updating "with the web site", which neatly covers the Portal and update.bml. Thoughts?
smallville //by??

FAQ 125 (https://www.livejournal.com/support/faq/125.html) - official journals

Four or five very very minor things I noticed while looking at this:
  • lj_test has been removed, presumably to be re-added at a point where the test server is online. Similarly, the goathack community link could be removed for now, pending resurrection of the goathack server?
  • lj_support description. Capitalises Staff Members and Support Volunteers differently to other parts of the FAQ?
  • Should the word 'development' be tacked onto the end of the lj_clients description?
  • community_quest description. Includes the word community in plural form. Correct?
  • lj_spotlight description. LJ should probably be changed to LJ.com. I know, picky picky. :o)