February 1st, 2006

  • jai_dit


I don't think that ?view=flat is documented anywhere in the FAQs (or otherwise; I didn't see anything, but I might not have been looking in the right places). It's an option that you can append to the end of an S2 comment page to get rid of threads and show all comments in the order that they were posted (for example, this entry has comments that display this, if you have an S2 style set).

I suggest putting it at the end of 62 with the information on threading, but if there's somewhere it fits better...
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[automatic payments] Merge 235 (What), 236 (Enable), 239 (Edit/Disable)?

There's a lot of overlapping info in 235, 236, and 239. While it makes some sense to keep information about editing or disabling automatic payments separate, information about automatic payments and how to enable them does fit in the same FAQ.

There's also a single link to FAQ 240, which is otherwise deleted from the list, in FAQ 239. I expect it's there because it still applies until October or so?
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  • freso

[troubleshooting] Bad HTML in comments

Yeah, I know I already posted about FAQ #40, but I just realised that the FAQ doesn't talk about comments with non-cleaned bad HTML either. This might come down to a bug in the HTML cleaner, but there might always be cases where this can't be caught, so it would probably be a good idea to mention it. (See the entry referenced in this support request for an example of a comment with bad HTML causing display b0rkage.)
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Minor addition to FAQ 258 regarding "nudging" communities

This may seem trivial, but I'm wondering if it would be possible to add something brief to FAQ 258 that says that communities cannot be nudged. Someone had asked in a request how to opt out of the "Nudge" feature for all the communities that he/she maintains, and I was hard-pressed to find any FAQ that casually mentions that it doesn't apply to communities.

Thanks in advance for considering this. ;)

EDIT: Looks like bridgetester already took care of it. ;) That was quick, thanks!! =D