February 26th, 2006


FAQ #130

I think it would be good to add information on adblocking stopping images from displaying to 130 - pictures not displaying. It's in 210 - displaying incorrectly in browser in the following sentence; make sure that you have not selected any option in your browser to prevent loading CSS definitions and images from a different host than the main page. That same sentence can be tweaked slightly to fit adblocking in either a browser or another program by adding the following similar paragraph: If you are unable to see any posted images, then please make sure that you have not selected any option in your browser or another program which prevents the display of pictures from a different host than the main page.
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FAQ 249

In "What is the "Schools Directory" feature? How do I find and add my school?", in the second paragraph, the last two paragraphs are:
By default, schools you add are listed on your User Info page, along with the city, state, and years attended (if specified). If you want to hide your school or only let friends see it, then uncheck the Show your school's information on your userinfo? option or select Friends only in the "Who can view this information?" drop-down box on your Edit Personal Information page. However, these security options for your User Info page do not hide your journal's listing on your school's search page.

You can remove schools from your User Info page by following the instructions on the Manage Schools page.

That last sentence is not true; the previous paragraph says how to do that. What you can do from the Manage Schools page is remove your listing of the school entirely, since you may have already removed it from your userinfo (558350, you need supportread:schools for this).

Essentially, I propose that instead of saying adding or removing schools from "userinfo pages", the FAQ should say "listing" or "unlisting" (or even "adding" or "removing") schools, except where userinfo is exactly what it means. Thoughts? Pocky? Praise of my vast brilliance?
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FAQ 156

Now that I really look at it, I think that some parts of FAQ 156 aren't really clear that only some S2 styles support customized comment pages. It does seem somewhat easy to miss. Could I suggest additional explanation be added, perhaps like this?

"If you have set your local time zone, the time stamp displayed on a comment that is viewed on a site scheme comment page or on certain customized comment pages will be in that time zone. These time stamps will generally have text indicating that they are displayed in your local time zone, such as "(local)".

Most S2 styles do not currently have timezone support for the time stamps that are displayed with comments on customized comment pages. Until this functionality is added to all system styles, some styles will not display time stamps in your local time on your comment pages.

If you have not yet set your local time zone, or if the style you are using does not yet have time zone support for customized comment pages, these time stamps will display in UTC (Coordinated Universal Time), which is also known as GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). The labels "UTC" or "GMT" may or may not accompany these time stamps."