March 21st, 2006

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(102, 179?) Information on ?show=Y

I could have sworn there was a FAQ that explicitly explains ?show=Y, but I've just been through all the custom friends group FAQs, syndication FAQs, and the comms FAQ that explains ?show=P/?show=C and not found anything.

I know FAQ 102 is long, but perhaps we could add a paragraph about ?show=. Something like:

You may also be interested in filtering your friends page by journal type (community, personal, syndicated) without using custom friends groups. To do this, append ?show=C or ?show=P or ?show=Y to the end of your friends page URL to only show entries in community journals, personal journals, or syndicated journals, respectively:

  • Community Entries: [[journalurl]]/friends/?show=C

  • Personal Entries: [[journalurl]]/friends/?show=P

  • Syndicated Entries: [[journalurl]]/friends/?show=Y

It is also possible to show two journal types at once, such as both community and personal journals (?show=CP) by appending the appropriate letter combination.

And instead of having the first sentence where it is in 102, delete it and put this paragraph separately after "You can create up to 30 custom friends groups."

Similarly, FAQ 179 should be updated to include information about ?show=Y. It already links back to 102 for "custom friend groups," so it might be a bit silly to link back to 102 for ?show too, particularly when that's not the dominant focus of 102.

If these would make either FAQ unwieldy, or just be difficult to find, new FAQ that both 102 and 179 link to? Though it's a relatively small thing.