April 4th, 2006

misc:pausing for thought

ScrapBook vs. Scrapbook + other misc.

ScrapBook as Scrapbook:

FAQ 246 - What is SB? One in both the 2nd and 3rd paragraph.
FAQ 131 - Paid Account Benefits 1 in the last bolded bullet
FAQ 114 - Paid Account expiry stuff 2 in the 'Pictures' section
FAQ 38 - Diff. Account Levels 1 in the last line.

This isn't an absolute list, I was only looking at the ScrapBook, Account Levels, About LJ, Accounts, Tags, and Comments cats. There may be more out there (cue eerie music).

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ETA: Is this stuff worth pointing out? I feel kinda stupid making notes of it all if it's not any use. Anyone?

FAQ92: Default View on your friends page

Since there are users who might forget they have a Default View set, should a mention of DV be added as something for the user to try? The best place for it looks like breaking up the "If your Friends page does not update with new entries from a small number of journals," bullet point to something like:

  • If your Friends page does not update with new entries from a small number of journals,


Lost Username/Password

Prompted by ymf, and assisted by the ever-helpful testing of ymf and lacey, the information on validation in FAQ 17: Lost Username or Lost Password has changed.

*Lost username or lost password emails can always be sent to the email address currently listed on the account, regardless of validation.
*The link in the lost password email can always be used to change the lost password to a random password, no matter whether the current email address is validated or unvalidated.
*The random password cannot be changed to a user-selected password unless the current address is validated.
_support, Pi Rat

FAQ 106 - No material that does not violate ToS

FAQ 106 states: "Immediate suspensions are done for certain reasons, including but not limited to Denial of Service attacks, account breakins, violation of previous Abuse Team directive, and journals that contain no material that is not a violation of the Terms of Service.".

Later, it also says: "However, in some cases, suspended journals will not be reinstated. These cases include but are not limited to journals created solely for abuse; journals that contain no material that does not violate the Terms of Service;"

For clarity, might it be better to remove the double negative and phrase it as "journals which consist solely of material that violates the Terms of Service" or something similar?