September 11th, 2006

tea kitty
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Draft rewrite - FAQ 177

I've been wanting to rewrite FAQ 177 (creating a custom S2 style) for a while... if nothing else, to incorporate the possibility of theme layer customization, and to warn about user layer stuff.

Draft here, comments welcome. And yes, I know I'm using a bastardized BBcode type thing instead of HTML; that's semideliberate and semi just laziness.

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dear diary

FAQ 214

FAQ 214 can be improved. It currently says

Only some layouts support background image customization and properties.


If you have a Paid, Permanent, or Early Adopter account, you can create a custom layer to add a background image or properties to a layout that does not support it via the S2 customization area.

Actually there's a middle option now. You do not have to have a paid account in order to change the properties of the background images if the layout doesn't support them. All the users can use the Custom CSS section to enter the appropriate CSS, including the properties. This option is available on all the system layouts.

Aaand, I suppose I should edit this s2howto tutorial, so it can be linked from this FAQ.