November 16th, 2006

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troubleshooting FAQ category smackdown

I'm feeling saucy.

FAQ165 | Why can't I update with long entries?
-- Removed the link to FAQ 148 (mostly irrelevant for tihs situation)
-- Changed the location of the linebreak. :P

FAQ203 | Why is my IP address detected as an open proxy? Why am I marked as a source of spam?
-- Took out a ton of the verbiage and consolidated it.
-- Considering moving the "create an acct" to the summary, but couldn't find a good way to work it in

FAQ33 | Why don't my journal entries show the correct date or time? Can I use 12-hour time?
-- Took out the link to "why does lj display incorrectly?"
-- took out the "setting tz only affects comments", since it actually does affect entries now
-- put "set your timezone" on the "JS disabled" section
-- reworded the 24h time section

FAQ189 | Why do I receive an "irreparable invalid markup in entry" error?
-- Took out the text of the error. Who cares? :P
-- shortening it to "HTML or LJ-specific tags". lj-cut isn't HTML, but I don't care. :P
-- Took out the "preview your comment!!"
-- Took out the link to the fifty bajillion different features. (If I made a style, I can edit it, too. :P)
-- kept a copy of the old version locally.

FAQ161 | Why do I receive an "invalid cookies" error? How can I fix it?
-- Hahahahaha, this error actually never occurs anymore, as far as I can tell. (We don't set "fast server" cookies anymore, that's all handled on our end.)
-- FAQ hidden, local copy saved, redirected to FAQ162

FAQ133 | Why do some of my characters appear as question marks? How do I set my default text encoding?
-- Cleaned up the text a bit
-- Took out the "omg old browsers!!" bit. If your browser's that old ... yeah, get with the times. :P
-- ... Yeah, okay, merged this into FAQ143, local copy saved, etc.

FAQ143 | Why can't I edit my user bio, interests, or entries?
-- Modified to take in FAQ133's content
-- Took out the "malformed HTML" bit, that bug was fixed *ages* ago, heh.
-- Renamed to "Why can't I edit my profile, interests, or entries? How do I set my default encoding?"
-- Tweaked the summary for readability
-- took out the text of the bad unicode input error msg, unnecessary
-- trimmed down the explanation of the UTF-8 theory to just "here's how to fix"

FAQ211 | Why do I receive errors when logging into LiveJournal?
-- Reordered the bullet points in order of likeliness
-- Added in a "if your reset pw doesn't work"

FAQ36 | Why do I receive errors when I try to validate my email address?
-- Pared down and merged into FAQ 11, FAQ hidden, local copy stored
-- Took out the "use different software!!" advice

FAQ92 | Why don't journal entries show up where they should?
-- Took out the giant "might be site problems!" blurb; those issues don't happen much lately (knock on wood!)
-- totally pared down and reordered steps.
-- took out the "Talk to support!" line at the end
-- Changed the summary to just address the three most common cases (IMO)

FAQ116 | Why am I having problems accessing pages on LiveJournal? What is "read-only" mode?
-- Took out "What is read-only mode?" from the title, it doesn't happen anywhere near as often anymore (knock on wood)
-- Took out the "we understand the frustrations this causes our users" schmoozy line.
-- Oh my God, the summary of this FAQ was one full screen. Pared that down.
-- Took out the "use a client during read-only mode!!" bit, since posting/commenting are now smart about read-only mode (when it happens) (knock on wood)
-- pared down most of the text, reordered the bullets in order of likelihood, heh.
-- minor, but swapped the enable SSL/use ?ssl=no bullets to encourage enabling SSL first
-- took out the giant "you might have S2 errors if you wrote your own layer!!" ... someone writing their own S2 error is likely smart enough to know that they likely won't get it right on the first try. :P
-- local copy of the old version saved

FAQ162 | Why am I being logged out of LiveJournal? What can I do to solve this problem?
-- Title tweak, minor: "Why am I being logged out of LiveJournal? How can I solve this problem?"
-- Pared down the summary to the bare minimum. Half a screen long, heh.
-- Took out the link to errors logging in, since I don't think people look here for that (but the other way may be true, so left that link in FAQ211)
-- Cleaned up the steps to take, no real content changes.

FAQ210 | Why does LiveJournal display incorrectly in my browser?
-- Changed the summary to be less "Horizon uses JS/CSS" and more oriented towards "look, we don't support WebTV, get a real browser" :P
-- pared down the HOSTS file bit, since i think the app that caused the problem was like kazaa or something and, man, haven't heard from them in years.
-- bullet-pointed everything, minimized the amount of HTML and text, heh.
-- added a blurb about spyware
-- local copy etc etc

FAQ130 | Why don't my images display? What is remote loading?
-- Taking out the giant "LJ can't help you find a webhost" para
-- Taking out the "make sure you have permission and copyright" para, this isn't the place
-- reorganized/bulleted/pared down text
-- pimped scrapbook, heh
-- beefed up summary just a bit
-- local etc etc

... Oh, God, I don't have the strength for FAQ 40. This is enough for now.
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FAQ 148 ( What are LiveJournal's limitations on data?

Abe's proposal to move the information in this FAQ to the relevant feature-specific FAQs has been completed. FAQ 148 has now been hidden. Please see Abe's post for a rundown of where the information is now located.

Some of the information wasn't moved, but simply removed, since "type until you're stopped" (TUYS) is what people generally do anyway or the information was in some other way unnecessary. I've commented to Abe's post as to what hasn't been moved. The original text of the FAQ has also been copy/pasted as a comment to the post.