November 20th, 2006

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  • burr86

faq trawl | syndication

FAQ150 | Who owns a syndicated account? Can I edit or delete a syndicated account?
-- renamed to: "Can I edit or delete a syndicated account? Who owns a syndicated account?"
-- cut down on a lot of the excess wording

FAQ151 | Why might a syndicated account not update correctly?
-- Took out the entire further reading section, not really necessary
-- changed the "let us know if there's a missing encoding" to "try a different encoding"

FAQ163 | How do I find a syndicated account?
-- Took out the link to /syn/raw.bml, nice to have but unnecessary
-- bulletized the list

FAQ152 | How do I add my friend's journal from a different journal site to my Friends list?
-- Simplified the summary to avoid restating who can create syndicated accounts, and instead pointed to FAQ137
-- Took out the old-style URL style, the two big LJ clones (GJ and DJ) both use subdomains now. (Ditto the "using a recent code version", how are readers supposed to know? and plus, GJ and DJ both do.)
-- took out long-winded explanation of why you'll only see public entries
-- put in a "if it's not an LJ clone, then ask your friend" bit
-- renamed to: "If my friend has a journal on another site, can I read it on my Friends page?"
--- Anyone got better suggestions? The old title sucked. :P

FAQ149 | Where can I get an RSS or Atom feed of my journal? What is FOAF?
-- Removed FOAF from the title, nobody cares about FOAF :P
-- Title changed to "Where can I get RSS, Atom, or other data feeds of my journal?"
-- Emphasized "look at the bots page for a list of all feeds"
-- Took out ?auth=digest from the sample URLs, that's covered below
-- Actually, took out FOAF, too (that's on the bots page). no one cares about FOAF :P
-- pared down the FOAF part a little bit, nothing major
-- took out the giant "it displays your entry! and your subject line! and the date!" section, i don't know why that's here besides to shut up the one person who went "but what about my atom feed, why is it displaying the date/time as my subject??"
-- i hate foaf :P

Ran out of steam for tonight, but ... I'm probably going to merge FAQ178 into FAQ137. I can't see any justification for 178 as a separate entity, it doesn't seem like it's a popular question in itself. Now's the time to talk me out of it. :P