November 21st, 2006

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  • burr86

finishing off syn

FAQ178 | What is LiveJournal's syndication feature?
-- Nuked, redirect to 137
-- local copy etc

FAQ137 | How do I create a new syndicated account or add an existing one to my Friends list?
-- New title: How do I watch feeds on my Friends list? What are syndicated accounts?
-- Summary explains what a feed is, that you manage them on your flist normally, and that paid/perm can create them.
-- took out the "how to find if it already exists" with a redirect to the finding syn accts FAQ
-- took out the "there is no special way to remove them", covered in the summary
-- took out the "might take days for content to update", that's old
-- took out the "we take no claim, it may stop updating at any time", too detailed for this FAQ
-- pared down the "what versions of atom/rss" we support to two lines, what we absolutely support. anything else isn't guaranteed.
-- local etc

general syn stuff
reordered the FAQs in the category