November 29th, 2006

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  • burr86

voicepost FAQs

FAQ183 | How do I record a voice post to my journal? How do I transcribe a voice post?
-- Renamed to "How do I record a voice post to my journal?", content moved accordingly
-- Shifted from "Gizmo" to "Gizmo/LJ Talk", since we have better support for that
-- Took out the giant chunk that told you how to use /manage/voicepost.bml, oh my god
-- Reworded a lot of the limitations section, stealing my wording liberally from the SB FAQ :P
-- local copy etc

FAQ184 | How do I play a voice post? What are Ogg Vorbis files (.ogg)?
-- Renamed to "How do I play or transcribe a voice post?", content moved accordingly
-- Took out the handholding about ogg, the majority of voiceposts are mp3 now.
-- Took out "if voiceposts b0rk your style" -- it still comes up, but not FA enough to be in this Q. We'll put it back in if suddenly we get 20 requests a day about it. :P
-- Generally de-assed and re-organized
-- local etc etc