March 11th, 2007

ogg vorbis page -> faq?

Ages ago (what do I say, eons in fact!) I wrote a question here and got it solved in the comments. The problem is with the way the ogg vorbis page mentions winamp (not enough details). Today, just under 3 years later, the same sorry state of affairs is in place. In fact it's gotten worse:

  • Winamp3 may have been new 3 years ago, but these days you'd be hard pressed to find it.
  • Sonique redirects to lycos with no music player in sight
  • I can't find mint audio on their pages
  • people still comment on the thread to express their relief at having their problem solved.

So please, someone (anyone!) :
  1. Remove , or at least have it edited to just explain what ogg is and link to faq 184.
  2. Move the info about audio players into faq 184 (or another/new one), so it can be kept up to date.
I know 1 can't be done by the faq editors. That shouldn't mean it should another 3 years for it to get done, IMHO. I'm sure some lj employees reading this, so talk to someone who can edit that file already...