July 19th, 2007

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FAQ #195

FAQ #195: How do I import my entries from another journaling site to my LiveJournal?

I know I, at least, tend to use this FAQ to answer requests where the user asks about merging two journals together, since it's the closest there is to a FAQ about importing entries from one LiveJournal to another. However, it's a little awkward to direct them to a FAQ that doesn't at first glance seem to be answering the right question; I usually include a caveat saying that although the FAQ talks about importing entries from another site to LiveJournal, it also applies to importing entries from one LiveJournal to another. Can we modify this FAQ so that it applies to importing entries both from another LiveJournal and from an external site?

I looked back and noticed that when this FAQ was first suggested/written in 2004, this idea was discussed briefly in the comments. It wasn't included at that time to avoid confusion between transferring entries from another LiveJournal account and renaming. However, I think it would actually help avoid confusion to make it clear to people that renaming does not change their account, only their username.

Here are my proposed revisions, changes in red:

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FAQ #143 - question too vague?

FAQ #143 is currently titled:

Why can't I edit my profile, interests, or entries? How do I set my default encoding?

This is rather vague; the FAQ is actually about the "Bad Unicode Input" error and "Invalid Text Encoding" errors, the first of which doesn't even mention a 'default encoding' (I'm not sure if the second does or not):

Your browser sent some text which is not recognised as valid text in the UTF-8 encoding, as it should be. This might happen if you forced your browser to view the previous page in some other encoding rather than UTF-8. It may also indicate a bug in the browser. If you cannot get around this error, contact us.

I think the question should be changed to something similar to:

Why do I receive a "Bad Unicode Input" or "Invalid Text Encoding" error?

This puts the errors themselves in the FAQ, making it much more obvious what to look for, and also puts it in the same format as the other error FAQs (eg. Why do I receive an "irreparable invalid markup in entry" error?, etc)