October 13th, 2007

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Unclear whether to use hyphen or underscore for usernames when connecting to LJtalk

It's easy to forget whether you should use the underscore or the hyphen for your username when connecting to LJ Talk, especially since most users equate their journal URL to their username. It's possible to figure out that you need to use the underscore by testing, but this may not be effective if you're having other problems connecting.

Could a line be added to FAQ270 please?
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FAQ #120

Minimum Security for Future Entries

Any user can set a minimum security level for all future entries. For example, setting this option to Friends-Only or Private will prevent you from accidentally posting a public entry that you meant to post at a protected level.

Set the minimum security level of all future entries in your journal at the Viewing Options page by selecting the appropriate option from the Default privacy of new entries box.

It is also possible to s
et the minimum security level of all future entries in your journal by typing the following Admin Console commands:

set newpost_minsecurity level


Apologies if I've pooched this suggestion, it's my first one, and I only thought about it 'cause I dropped into support for the first time in forever and found a question about it.
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FAQ 14 and profile embedding

Anything that can be embedded in an entry can now be embedded in a profile. It's time to edit FAQ 14!

First paragraph
However, you can embed videos and media in an entry or in your profile.

Third paragraph
It is possible to embed music, videos, or other active content into entries and profiles, by using an approved method. In other areas, including customizations and user bios, you will need to upload the files to another site and provide a text link to them, rather than including them directly.