December 23rd, 2008


lj-specific markup -- new FAQ? or rework FAQ 72?

This has actually been bugging me for a while, but a recent suggestion clarified part of the problems with it...

It's freakin' difficult to track down the lj-specific markup.

FAQ 72: How do I alter the appearance of my text? is, IMHO, freakin' ugly and confusing overall. If nothing else, it needs streamlining and decluttering. Anyway, there is a link in the top paragraph of FAQ 72 to lj-cut (FAQ 75) and lj user (FAQ 67).

The section "HTML on LiveJournal" within FAQ 72 talks about these two tags thusly:

<lj-cut> and <lj user> tags: LiveJournal also has a small number of nonstandard tags, which only work on LiveJournal and follow the same format as standard HTML (<tag> or <tag attribute="value">.)

I think that that section of the FAQ might be the best place for these tags, and might be better highlighted and moved up higher in the FAQ.

One problem is that link to "nonstandard tags" -- It actually links to FAQ 75, which is alllllll about the lj-cut tag with this exception in the "Other Options" section:

LiveJournal-specific tags: <lj user> <lj-raw> <lj-poll>

I mean, I totally didn't even SEE that section right away!

As mentioned previously, FAQ 67 is one of the FAQs that talks about the tags, specifically the lj user tag. That's pretty straightforward overall. FAQ 67 links to FAQ 26, which is where the lj-raw tag shows up in greater detail. FAQ 67 also links to the howto document at [] that covers nifty stuff like the lj://faq/75/ tags that can be used in a href stuff.

Now, the only FAQ that I've seen so far that talks about lj-poll is FAQ 75, where it's in that throwaway "other tags" line in the middle of lj-cuts 'r' us. That link there takes you to the howto document at [], which is pretty long and talks about the poll coding by hand and stuff. Fun fact: FAQ 69, on writing polls, never *once* specifically talks about lj-poll as a specific html tag; it links several times to the poll-writing-by-hand howto document, but it doesn't actually say lj-poll anywhere. The only FAQ that does seem to list it out is the lj-cut FAQ.

This is kind of dumb, people!

I don't have a specific fix in mind at the moment; I'm in the middle of doing genealogy work and need to get back to it, and would like to have some feedback from y'all in terms of what you think might most make sense and how it could best be written.

Right now, my druthers is to revamp FAQ 72 to take care of most of it, and take the line out of FAQ 75 and move it to FAQ 72 which is ultimately all about the HTML, or to create a better FAQ about altering one's text.

Heck, the old RTE-buttons-and-what-they-do FAQ might be nice to bring back, so you could have one "how to alter" which is just the RTE and another that is just the HTML, since lots of the stuff that even links to the RTE just links to FAQ 222, which nowadays only really mentions that the RTE exists... not actually how to use it. I guess most people feel that everyone already knows what all of the WYSIWIG editor buttons would do...?

EDITED: Here's a potential rewrite, which may be completely f'd up by the RTE.... *fingers crossed*

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