September 6th, 2009

Chairman Kaga, Iron Chef

Cyrillic services (SUP) category

So, we need to flesh out the documentation for Cyrillic services. We need new FAQs for the following features:

  • My Guests

  • Ratings

  • Sponsored Accounts -- already proposed for an edit to FAQ 38

  • - the new mobile portal

Any volunteers to write up a draft for these FAQs?

Edit: The category has been renamed to capitalize the S. While doing so, we changed the shortcode from sup to cyrillic as it's more descriptive.
  • jai_dit

(no subject)

Way back when 259 was added three years ago, it began its life as an image placeholders FAQ, but then morphed into an Unusual Connections FAQ that includes three disparate issues: mobile connections (small screen size and maybe low bandwidth), dial-up connections (low bandwidth only), and accessibility (a whole bunch of different things that may or may not include the previous issues). The resulting FAQ is a chimera; it's long and confusing, and at least for me often heads into tl;dr territory.

The summary of this FAQ gives three bullet points that provide natural division points: "reduce screen size for your mobile device", "reduce bandwidth or download time while browsing LiveJournal on a metered or dial-up connection", "increase accessibility when browsing LiveJournal with a screenreader." Thoughts on splitting this up into three FAQs? Some information will be duplicated, but since it will be so that we can approach it from a different context (and these are three completely different use cases that aren't likely to overlap very much) I think the duplication is worth it.