September 8th, 2009

  • jai_dit

LJ Talk, 270, 272, and a new faq

I think 270 needs to be split. It's hardcoded into the site everywhere as the button for getting notified on ESN via IM, but the primary focus of the FAQ has turned into private messaging, and it's big enough that people get confused. So: Let's make 270 exclusively LJ talk, mention the LJ Talk bot(s?) by name, and include a list of bot commands (if I can find any of them besides just Post: and Post: [Subject]). EDIT: Score! I found this bit of code which among other things includes the ASL command (I'd forgotten about it). Methinks it needs to be updated ;)

All the Inbox stuff and "How do I communicate with other users" can be made into its own FAQ: "How do I communicate with other users? How do I use my Inbox?". I think we should put more of an emphasis on text messaging, profile IM methods, email alias (and also displayed email address?), and commenting on posts, move the private messaging bit here, and then link to 270 for LJ Talk. LJ Messenger would also be included here. For the "How do I use my Inbox" part, things like where is the Inbox found on-site (a: only in Horizon/Vertigo as "Messages"), how do I filter my notifications (which categories), bookmarks (flag icon), how collapsing works (in relation to Read and Unread), how to select all / delete all / mark all read, what happens when I get too many notifications.

Then, we move Inbox documentation out of 272 and replace it with a link to newfaq. "Your Inbox can only hold 2000 notifications; for information on what happens when it gets too full, see newfaq."

Somewhat related to this proposal, this probably needs to go to Jira: needs an update to de-Jabber it (it's called XMPP now, and we don't use djabberd anymore; it's ejabberd instead). isn't dead, but /chat/index.bml.lj-talk.uses uses an <a [[href]]> to link to a page that 404s on, so I think that needs a code change to update. /chat/index.bml.for-geeks.text also does something similar for djabberd. And the client lists could use an english strip into a single string so that we could keep that updated. Like, there's no point in having a "cross-platform" section if you just list each client in the respective OS :)

Alternatively, I'm totally fine with killing off /chat/ and redirecting it to 270.
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Userdoc Party (a.k.a. Clear Out Status-Pending)

There are 31 proposals in status-pending as of the time I wrote this entry. That's too many, especially since we're going through old stuff that wasn't actually handled and digging out some of the better proposals for a second look.

In order to clear this up, we need to get together and work on these proposals. So, we're going to have a userdoc "de-greening" party, for lack of a better term, this Saturday, September 12, starting at 2 PM Pacific time (10 PM London, 7 AM Sunday 9/13 in Australia). We'll largely facilitate our efforts through IRC: server, channel #lj_userdoc.

Please join when you can, and we'd be happy to have your help with whatever we're working on.