September 11th, 2009

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FAQ 159 ( Expire sessions

It came to me that "How do I view and expire my browser sessions? What is the "Expire All My Sessions" option?" isn't the most intuitive title.

Any objections to changing the title to "How do I make sure I'm logged out of LiveJournal completely?" FAQ search can take care of people looking for what the expire all option means.
  • jai_dit

How do I find people on LiveJournal? What is the Directory?

123 and 202 seem like they'd fit well together, since the Directory is about nothing but finding people and it's also a very short FAQ. Seems like its five-line description would lend itself well as part of a bigger faq about the various ways to find people on LJ.

Also, 202 needs a lot of linkage to other FAQs; as it is, it just links to the features themselves, but it would be useful to link to the FAQs themselves.