September 29th, 2009

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"How do I replace a userpic? What happens when I change my default?"

Thoughts about splitting this topic off from 95/51? I would say that this is one of the number one sources of confusion about userpics (not understanding what happens when the default is changed, not knowing how to use keywords to change a userpic on older posts/comments). I think it might could use a standalone FAQ so it's less tl;dr and the heading shows that replacement is possible.

"How do I replace a userpic? What happens when I change my default?"

Userpics are assigned to entries and comments through their keywords. If you post an entry and select the userpic with the keyword "I love LJ", that entry will display the userpic associated with that keyword.

If you want to replace an older version of a userpic with a new version, or a different userpic meaning the same thing, remove the keyword from the old userpic, upload the new userpic, and give the keyword to the new userpic. All entries and comments using this userpic keyword will automatically display the new userpic.

There is no time limit for when you may upload a new userpic with the same keyword. As long as the entries and comments using the desired userpic keyword still exist, when you assign that keyword to a userpic, those entries and comments will use that userpic.

Similarly, when you change your default userpic, all of the comments or entries where you left the userpic as default or selected the default userpic on purpose will now show the new default userpic.

Thoughts? Flames?
  • arteman

How to display AdSense in custom styles

Here is a rough draft for the reserved faq #303:

If you have your journal style customized, to display Your Journal - Your Money ads on your journal pages, you need to call the "print_ad_box(string type)" method of the Page class in the code of your layout layer. Where 'string' is defining ad format as follows

'' for [[gmlitem:/manage/settings/index.bml.setting.adsense.horiz_top]]
's2.vertical' for 160x600
'' for 300x250
's2.bottom' for [[gmlitem:/manage/settings/index.bml.setting.adsense.horiz_bottom]]

To add html code around the ad block, viewer_sees_ad_box(sting type) clause could be used. Where 'string' is an appropriate banner value.


The following code could be used to display the [[gmlitem:/manage/settings/index.bml.setting.adsense.horiz_bottom]] banner:

var Page p = get_page();
if (viewer_sees_ad_box("s2.bottom")) {
   "<div class=\"ad\">";
  • jai_dit

faq 50

I've noticed in a few places that people are using FAQ 50 "Why are my entries appearing on search engines? How can I prevent this?" and saying "do the opposite of this FAQ", and that's a really awkward way to phrase things.

Why don't we expand the scope to "How do I control whether my journal and entries appear on search engines", and cover "Help, don't google me" and "I want people to find me"? It might also be worth noting here that if you have "Minimize your journal's inclusion in search engine results" turned off, you can use said search engines to search the (public) contents of journals.