October 14th, 2009

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how to print all comments on an entry that has collapsed threads

This post brought to you by 1011603.

FAQ 296 needs to mention the comment threads collapsing for entries with >50 comments, and it would be nice to present a workaround of some sort. (the two options I have in mind are ?view=flat and manually clicking "Expand" on everything. There is a Firefox extension out there that does auto-expand all threads I think, but we can't recommend that in a FAQ.) Probably need a link to 62#threading, since that's where collapsing is explained as well as a bit of "what to do" about it.
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interest searches, the Directory, and communities

This post brought to you by 1010490 and my propensity to spell it "interst".

It would be nice to make FAQ 60 address whatever limitations the Directory has on searching, since the interest searches from clicking an interest in the profile currently go there. I'm not sure how it picks which journals/communities to list (is it still first X number of people to list an interest, like /interests.bml is?) Also, it seems that the Directory's limit is 2000 for interest searches, as opposed to interests.bml's 500 of each.

(Also, note to self, the Interest Format section could use some tweaking. Add a bit about "Interests must conform to certain formats", or move "if you don't want to blah blah" to the end of that section. Length should also be 50 characters *and* 4 words, since even 4-word interests are restricted to 50 characters. Most of those read kind of awkward.)
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small tweak to 272

272 needs a more complete list of which notifications are restricted by account level. Currently, it just says "a user uploads a userpic" for Plus and subscribing to a thread for Paid, but:
on /manage/notifs there's also getting emailed your own comment notifs (which technically is a Comments feature and not really ESN, but it's on the same page with all the others) which is Paid,
someone votes in a poll I posted - this is a Paid notification, although Plus users can post polls (technically, so can Basic maintainers of Paid communities, but). Not sure if that's an oversight or an incentive to buy a Paid account.
defriending notifs (oddly non-parallel with friending notifs, but whatevs), Paid-only.
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adult content flagging

I'd like to move 281, the "how do I mark my posts as inappropriate for underages" FAQ out of "Conflicts with Other Users". The "what happens if other people flag my stuff and it gets sent to Abuse" is really only a mention in a sentence or two; the rest of the FAQ is really "how do I flag my own stuff" and user-ed about what happens when you run into flagged stuff. It would be real nice to change the title to include something about "what are these confirmation screens I keep seeing" or something, and also have the FAQ link to 162, since that comes up in Support a fair bit as well.

So, I suggest it be moved to "LiveJournal Features and Navigation". I could kind of see it going to Security just because it's technically a way to control who can read your entries, although it's definitely an unreliable way to filter out minors since people can lie about their birthdates. But it does seem to go better in Features IMO.

edit: All that has been done, but the FAQ needs some rewriting attention. :)