November 15th, 2009


faq 262

262 needs some rewriting attention. I added a paragraph about Your Journal Your Money to the summary because it definitely needs to be there, but that makes the rest of the FAQ inconsistent, since it talks about the Plus ads like they're the only ads on LJ (which isn't true anymore).

Also, 131 needs some mention about how one of the Paid Account benefits is not seeing ads (unless you've opted in to YJYM), but I can't think of a bullet point that fits the parallelism.
morning glory

account levels faqcat

It seems to me that the Account Levels faqcat really has become the "Advertisements" faqcat. Of the 11 FAQs there currently, 7 of them refer either to advertisements directly or changing to/from the Plus account level: 299, 262, 263, 266, 267, 265, and 288. 7 are actually about account levels (there is some overlap): 38, 131, 262, 263, 283, 114, and 288, but that leaves 4 that really have nothing to do with "levels" and are solely about ads.

Since we already have two other Accounts-related faqcats (Accounts, and payments), but nowhere that logically makes sense for the ad-related FAQs to go, I propose we rename Account Levels to "Advertisements", and move the non-ad FAQs to a related category. This would mean:

38 (Can I use LJ for free / what are the account levels), 283 (What is an OpenID account) to Accounts
131 (Paid Account benefits), 114 (Paid Account expiring) to Account Payments

Edit: And since I just found these while browsing, 273 and 289 would come out of Communities, since both FAQs deal with forms of advertising (albeit within a community, but since the way you establish either is "contact LJ's ads division"...)

Advertisements would then look like this:
* Why are there ads on LiveJournal? How do I remove ads from my journal?
* How do I earn money from ads on my journal? What is Your Journal - Your Money?
* What are the Plus Account benefits? How do I switch to or from a Plus Account?
* How do I downgrade to Basic? What happens when I downgrade from Plus to Basic?
* How do I customize my ad settings?
* How does LiveJournal decide which ads to show me? What information do you share with advertisers?
* What are LiveJournal's guidelines on acceptable ads?
* What are sponsored communities? How do I set one up?
* What are partner communities? How do I inquire about partnering with LiveJournal?

The only organizational downside here that I can see is that it splits up the "Paid account expires" FAQ from the other two account level change FAQs, "downgrade to basic" and "switch to/from Plus". Well, that and Accounts is slightly on the large side already, and adding two faqs to it won't help (although I could see 38 being fine in Payments too).