November 24th, 2009


going to the wiki!

Good news, everyone!

I've been working on collecting various and assorted policy-type posts from this community and migrating the content over to the Support Wiki. So far, I've only got a few pages up, and they still need to be updated (some of the source posts came from 2006, for instance), but you can see them here: Docs category pages

I hope this will be a valuable resource for anyone working on the FAQs.

release 58

There was a code release today, so we're going to be trying something new in lj_userdoc today: we're going to update the FAQs at the time of the release, and this is something we're going to try to do with each release. So, this post is going to be a list of the FAQs that need updating. Feel free to suggest wording updates (or other FAQs that need to be changed as a result of the release) in comments!

  • It is not possible to reset your password unless you have control of the current validated email address. - This means that you can no longer send password resets to older email addresses. So, revamp FAQ 17. FAQ 18 and 19 neesd a bit about this. (edit: 117 needs quite a bit of work, so I'll let someone Abusey deal with it.) Also, this is temporary for now, so make a backup to lj_docadmin first.

  • Facebook Beacon has been replaced by Facebook Connect - FAQ 279 needs looking over, to make sure the process is correct now. Also, - Done! Thanks teshiron

  • You can now add a subscription to new questions in writersblock - Currently the method of doing that is the same as you would subscribe to posts in any other community (although the notification you get is different). 272 might could use a mention but I'm not sure on that. Edit: not doing for now.

  • You can now edit your "Notes" while viewing comments (if you're using the site scheme/old comment page layout) - What actually changed here (besides lots of backend changes) was that in the comment headers on site-schemed comment pages, if you have a note defined for a user, it'll put the note after the username (instead of being an asterisk you have to hover on). So... 295 needs an addition to the "where do you see notes" section". (Done!) I can't think of anywhere else this should go?

  • Removed the BUY100 and BUY250 commands for TxtLJ, and the web interface equivalent - Need to remove from FAQ 275. Done!

  • Creating a new account now allows for autodetection of your location - Possibly this could be added to 297, but not sold on that. Edit: Not doing for now.

Not documenting: the various backend changes (nothing really user-facing) and the tweak to a Support admin tool.