February 4th, 2010

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Release #61 Roundup

This entry is to collect (links to, if necessary) all the changes in documentation that need to be made for Release #61.

Massive notifications changes

Tag limit changes (2000 for paid and permanent) done!
Tag link: spaces in tag links are %20 as RFC 1630 & RFC 2396 intended (no longer +; update your links)
Error handling for adding too many tags improved
Probably not needed; no mention of how this was handled before was documented; space as %20 is consistent with the rest of the internet now. (Feel free to override me if you think this needs detailed documentation.)

Comment screening (reply link available immediately not just on refresh) (old behavior wasn't mentioned in 15)

Rename token error for invalid token on first page

No need to clear old order out from gift shop

Schools updates, mostly bugfixes
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Notifications updates from Release #61

lj_userdoc r61 roundup

This is involving 272, 305, 131, maybe others.

Which communities FAQ should get the "and you can subscribe to all community comments if the community is paid" notice?

* old-style comment notifications are gone and are now sent through ESN (this is a backend-only change)
* "someone replies to my comment" and "someone replies to my community entry" are now ESN events, so these can be delivered to Inbox, Jabber, etc.
* Subscriptions are not anymore mandatorily delivered to Inbox, with "I receive a new PM" being a notable exception
* It is possible for a maintainer to subscribe when a new comment is posted in their community; this requires for the community to be Paid.
* Provided a modern JavaScript-enabled browser, subscriptions can be removed with an AJAXy interface without page reload
* Only "tracking" subscriptions are counted towards the quota