February 27th, 2010


Info on embedding media

I searched the FAQs for information about the <lj-embed> tag, and came up blank. It might be useful to document its use somewhere, so that people who want to embed videos in comments or their profile can find out how to do so. Possible destinations: FAQ 268 or FAQ6, or both.

Theoretically, the <lj-embed> tag could be used for any kind of embedded media, but, in my experience, the most common use by far is video, so that's what I've used in the wordings. Music does strike me as another major use, though. One could say "embedded media" but then the users who come looking for info about "video" might miss it completely. Feel free to hash that debate out in comments.

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  • jai_dit

site search box replaced by yandex

202 needs updating. Yandex searching should be added, and anything that was in the sitescheme drop down menu (Site&User, email, IM, region, interest) needs to be ... somethinged. I can't tell if that search functionality has been entirely removed or if it's just fully in the Directory now.

Okay, after some investigation: Username, IM, and email search have moved to "Find Your Friends". I dislike that page because it doesn't look like any other sitescheme page and it encourages bad information security (giving LJ your email password) but I guess if that's where the features went we should document it. Interest searching is on its own page wherever that went, I think folded into the Directory? I guess 60 also needs to be updated.