March 28th, 2010


R63 summary

These are the things that need changing because of Release 63. (Sorry it's late; I've been waiting for most of the dust to clear since so much of R63 was broken when pushed.)

  • Go through the existing FAQs and check to make sure the new linkbar/comment icons are showing up correctly in the FAQs with proper height/width attributes. May also be a good opportunity to make sure that FAQs on features with an icon actually include the image.
  • I don't think there are a lot of these, but make sure that anything that references site scheme menus is still up to date with the menu reordering (also, check for correct translation strings?)
  • Tell A Friend vs Share This, top-level entry already posted here
  • Lock comments feature
  • Tag count has been added to Tag management page
  • Vgifts profile display thing already updated thanks to sonneta!
  • /mobile/ type FAQs need updating. now default, plus the index.bml thing to get to the old version.
  • Deleted account message - I'm not sure if we have anything that covers this explicitly.
  • Vgifts - block from anon senders option
  • How detailed do we cover XML-RPC in the FAQs? And FOAF? Both of these got tweaked so check them.
  • Make sure Facebook Connect thing is up to date
  • Mood theme behavior - No longer possible to put dimensions in on the wizard, so 64 needs to be amended. We should also give clearer directions on the admin console commands, since depending on what comes out of LJSV-1015 some users may need to use the height/width arguments to fix mood theme brokenness on friends pages.