June 16th, 2011


FAQ 131

FAQ 131 mentions the line Ability to receive notifications when the "I comment in someone's journal, on any entry*" option is selected (on the Notifications tab of the My Account Settings page);.

1) When I look on a test account that's Plus, I see only two options greyed: "Someone removes me from their Friends list" and "Someone votes in a poll I posted". The actual wording of "I comment in someone's journal, on any entry" doesn't actually appear on the Notifications page, for the Plus or Paid account.

2) The wording is really confusing: it implies that if you don't have a paid account you still can check the box (untrue) but don't get notifications, and moreover it doesn't specify what notification you get. Is it a copy of your comment? A reply to your comment? A comment to the post you commented on?

3) The asterisk doesn't have a corresponding explanation anywhere, unless I'm missing something?


FAQ 23 updated for Spam Protection checkbox...

FAQ 23, "How do I control who can post comments in my journal so that I don't get any comments from that guy I hate so much?", has been updated with a base-level paragraph on the Spam Protection checkbox. It's the last paragraph of the FAQ.

This is just to get something in there at some level so it can be referred to in answers -- those with editing privs should feel free to clean it up or augment or pare down as necessary. :)