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January 15th, 2016

Removing this FAQ as it was written at a time when mobile apps either didn't exist or were much more primative. http://www.livejournal.com/support/faq/187.html sufficiently covers issues related to email posting, which is the method this is promoting. Preserving raw FAQ code below lj-cut.

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This is something we just don't see people request to do any more. Deleting the FAQ, raw code for FAQ preserved under lj-cut:

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The referenced MySpace widget no longer exists as best I can tell, and even if it does, this is not a commonly desired function any longer. FAQ text preserved under lj-cut:

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The referenced service either no longer exists, or is so minimally used that it makes no sense to offer an FAQ dedicated to the app. FAQ text preserved under cut.

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FAQ contains information on various site schemes, but is only applicable if you are using the old design version of the site. Updated to add an intro sentence explaining this. New text:

The information in this FAQ only applies if you are using the old design of LiveJournal. The design version you are using can be changed on the display tab of the settings page.


[Edit] Changes to draft made based on feedback, and changes are now live on http://www.livejournal.com/support/faq/259.html.

Largely rewriting and partially repurposing this FAQ as it contains some outdated or no longer relevant information in several places.

Summary of changes:

  • Question changed to "How do I simplify the appearance of LiveJournal and minimize bandwidth usage?"

  • Minor changes to summary

  • Removed Site Settings section (only 1 site setting is still available)

  • Removed ?nohtml=1 and ?format=light sections. These only partially work, and require some combination of the old site design, customized comment pages, or old friends page style in order to do anything and aren't worth including with all of the necessary exceptions outlined.

  • Moved http://m.livejournal.com/ to its own section, made minor wording changes.

  • Removed all references to Lynx as it requires the old site design; FAQ #186 still has a brief explanation of it.

  • Styles section:

    • Entirely rewrote intro section

    • Removed no longer selectable styles: A Sturdy Gesture, Classic, Clean and Simple, Magazine, Variable Flow.

    • Minor wording changes in ?style=mine section

  • Minor wording changes to Filters section

  • Off-site section - minor wording changes, Removed references to deleted FAQs from off-site section

Note: FAQ #290 is referenced in the Off-Site section even though it isn't currently the correct FAQ to use. FAQ #290 is also going to be re-written soon to be a more general FAQ about LiveJournal mobile apps & downloadable software.

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