March 25th, 2016


#106: My account has been suspended! How can I get it back?

Suspension is restriction of access to certain entries or to the whole journal. A journal or a community can be suspended if their content is violating Terms of Service. Account suspensions are generally used by the Abuse Prevention Team as a last resort. In most cases, a user will be provided with an opportunity to delete any content that is in violation of the Terms of Service before his or her account is suspended or placed in read-only mode. Immediate suspensions are done for certain reasons, including but not limited to:

  • Denial of Service attacks,

  • account break-ins,

  • violation of a previous Abuse Prevention Team directive,

  • and journals where all material is a violation of the Terms of Service.

Please note that Abuse Prevention Team is not obliged to send you an email notification on the reason of your journal's suspension.

How do I send a request to Abuse Prevention Team?

For security purposes, the Abuse Prevention Team communicate on journal suspension with the account owner only. You can send a request to Abuse Prevention team by filling the [[gmlitem:/abuse/report.bml.title]] form and selecting the [[gmlitem:/abuse/report.bml.abuse.type.suspend]] option.

[What should I do if my account has been suspended?]What should I do if my account has been suspended?
  1. Log in to your LiveJournal account
  2. If you do not remember your password, consult this FAQ. If you cannot log in to your account because it has been broken into, read this FAQ.
  3. Check the [[username]] page. The suspension reason is stated right next to the message about suspension.
  4. If you do not see the suspension reason or you do not agree with it, you can visit the [[gmlitem:/abuse/report.bml.title]] form and select the option [[gmlitem:/abuse/report.bml.abuse.type.suspend]]. Please include your username, and be sure that you are writing from the email address that is currently validated or has been validated on your LiveJournal account.

When will I receive an answer to my request?

The Abuse Prevention Team will respond as quickly as possible to any inquiries regarding suspension or read-only status; however, in some cases it may take several days, depending on volume. Please do not open multiple requests, as this will not accelerate the procedure.

In most cases, users whose journals have been suspended will be unsuspended and provided with a limited time window in which to correct the violations of the Terms of Service. However, some suspended journals will not be reinstated for certain reasons, which include but are not limited to:

  • journals created solely for abuse,
  • journals where all material is a violation of the Terms of Service,
  • journals belonging to users with an extensive history of abuse,
  • journals created to circumvent directives of the Abuse Prevention Team,
  • and journals whose owners have previously received notifications from Abuse Prevention Team but commited repeated violation.

Please be aware that any account that has been suspended for more than 6 months may be purged from the service. If your account has been permanently suspended, please see this FAQ for information on downloading your journal entries. Here you can read more on how to contact Abuse Prevention Team and what a complaint processing procedure is.

FAQ #342 (to en_LJ) Why my journal/community/entry does not participate in LiveJournal Ratings?

I cannot see my journal/community in Ratings feature!

If your journal or community is absent in Ratings, check the following:

All these conditions must be fulfilled for journal or community to appear in Ratings. When all the settings are adjusted, the journal or community will appear in Ratings only after their annual remeasurement.

Please note that there are restrictions on participants number in every Rating of users and communities. This means a journal can participate in Ratings but be absent in a certain type depending on current values.

Ratings Visibility for an Individual Entry

Even if your journal or community participate in Ratings feature, you can exclude certain entries from the Ratings. To do this, you should check the box "Do not include in ratings" on the posting new entry page. If your journal or community does not participate in Ratings, you will not see this checkbox. This box will also be automatically checked (with no alternatives) if you are posting a private entry, as private entries are not displayed in Ratings.

My journal, community or entry is not displayed in one of the Ratings type

A journal, entry or community can be absent in one type of Ratings only. The scenarios could be as follows:

Most likely, this happened because Protection from driving the numbers up has been activated. This system prevents certain users from artificially driving the numbers up and thus promoting in Ratings. If this system reacts to a certain journal/community/entry, it is automatically excluded from one of the Ratings type. They may appear in Ratings again next time if the system does not count them suspicious.

Moreover, an entry, a journal or a community may be excluded from Ratings by LiveJournal administration if there is a suspicion that you have conciously manipulated Ratings. All mischievous actions aimed at gaining in the ranking (such as artificial audience attraction, using bots and so on) are considered manipulating.

FAQ #375. (to en_LJ) How do I customize LiveJournal ratings view?

Every LiveJournal user can customize the popular entries rating, which is displayed on the main page. It can be done on the main page or on the Manage Ratings page.

Managing Ratings on the main page

On the main LiveJournal page in the upper right corner there is a box with ratings view settings. There you can choose:
  • Hide or show multiple posts from the same account
  • Hide or show posts from friends
  • Hide or show read posts and blocked users.

Hovering the cursor over an entry on the main page you can:
  • Mark entry as read
  • Hide the entry's author from the rating (this user or community will be added to the blacklist).
Entries which you have marked as read as well as entries from blacklisted journals or communities are hidden from the ratings if &laguo;Hide read posts & blocked users» setting is enabled. If you choose «Show hidden posts», read posts and posts from blacklisted users will be shown in the rating; their heading and text will be coloured grey and there will be frame around such posts. By hovering the cursor over such entry you can mark it as unread or restore its author in the rating (this user or community will be deleted from the blacklist).

«[[gmlitem:/manage/ratings.bml.pagetitle]]» page

If you do not want to see at top ratings entries from certain journals or communities, you can add them to blacklist. You can do this on the page «[[gmlitem:/manage/ratings.bml.pagetitle]]». To do this, you should in the «[[gmlitem:/manage/ratings.bml.subtitle.add]]» field usernames of the users whose entries you do not wish to see in top of Ratings, separating them by commas, then press "Add" and "Save". All those journals, as well as ones you have chosen to hide on the main page, will appear in the «[[gmlitem:/manage/ratings.bml.subtitle.remove]]» box. You can add up to 2000 journals in your blacklist.

What if I wish to return hidden journal to top of Ratings?

If you change your mind and decide to restore certain journals to top, you can do this on the «[[gmlitem:/manage/ratings.bml.pagetitle]]» page. In the «[[gmlitem:/manage/ratings.bml.subtitle.remove]]» box hover the cursor over the author's username, press to the cross and then «[[gmlitem:/manage/]]». After that, the entries from this journal will appear in top of Ratings once again.

Some hints about adjusting your Ratings view

  • When you hide a journal from the top: when hiding posts function is enabled, you will not see entries from this journal in the Rating. However, if the journal's owner posts an entry to a community and this entry makes it to the top, you will see it in the Rating as well.
  • When you hide a community from the top: when hiding posts function is enabled, you will not see entries from this community in the Rating, regardless who have written these entries. If one of the community members post an entry to his/her personal journal or to another community and this entry makes it to the top, you will see it in the Rating as well.
  • Promo and "must-read" are always displayed. If promo contains an entry from the journal or community you have hidden, you will see it anyway.