A (beginning) wrote in lj_userdoc,

Proposed additions to FAQ #148 (data limitations).

There are some data limitations we left out when writing FAQ #148. Specifically, I'm thinking of polls. The list should be updated to include:

* Comments: 9,000 bytes or 4,300 characters
* Comment Subjects: 100 characters
* Custom Friends Group Names: 30 characters
* Entries: 65,535 bytes or characters
* Entry Properties (Currents): 255 bytes or 100 characters
* Entry Subjects: 255 bytes or 100 characters
* Memory Keywords: 40 characters
* Memory Titles: 80 characters
* User Picture Keywords: 40 characters
* Usernames: 15 characters
* Poll Names: 1000 characters
* Poll Questions: 1000 characters
* Poll Radio and Check Box Options: 500 characters
* Poll Text Entry Responses: 255 characters

I got that info from the poll creator source. I'm fairly sure it's all accurate. Should that be added to the FAQ? Any wording recommendations? Is there anything else that should be included?

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