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FAQ: Forcing reloads with modifier keys

The FAQ entry about pages not updating --

-- currently suggests clicking Reload or Refresh to get the non-cached version of a page.

As more and more users find themselves behind proxy servers, that's often insufficient to get a new page from LiveJournal's servers, instead of just a cached version from the proxy server, which will often contain the same data as the locally-cached version. Most browsers contain a "forced reload" feature that instructs the browser to tell the proxy to request a new version of the page. We should suggest that instead, since it will work whether or not a proxy is in the way.

Perhaps replace the last paragraph with:

Try forcing your browser to request the most recent version of the page with a forced reload or refresh. In Netscape and Mozilla, hold down Shift while clicking Reload. In Internet Explorer, hold down Ctrl while clicking Refresh. Users of other browsers will need to consult their browser documentation.

If that doesn't help, clear your browser's cache. Information on this can be found in your browser's documentation, or by reading this article in the HowTo journal:, provided as a courtesy by support volunteers.


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