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FAQ update run

I'm back from my schoolwork-induced hiatus (and only a week from graduating -- woo!) and have done a run of FAQ updating.

I'm going to be lazy and not link to the original posts -- if you look at the community's recent entries, most of these are still on the first page.

FAQs 24 and 102 (custom friends groups): General cleanup in both.
In 24, removed Dystopia-specific instructions for getting to the Full Update page (giving the URL seems like enough), changed "Friend groups" to "friends groups", changed awkward passive phrasing in descriptions, added sentence about the union of groups to make Janine happy, and because it's useful information.

FAQs 6 and 67 (images, links):
Added information about height and width to 6, including information that they are optional and can be omitted. Added link to 67 for how to make an image a link.
Added information about making an image a link to 67, including explanation of the border attribute, and linked 67 back to 6 and to 130 for remote loading stuff (suggestions mostly by ursamajor).

FAQ 27 (Clients can't connect to server):
Changed few wording things that I'd put in as suggestions, since nobody had objected.

FAQ 21 (buying a paid account):
Resolved the inconsistencies between the FAQ and the information on /pay/, and also changed phrasing here and there.

FAQ 119:
Wording adjustments.

Stuff I didn't do:
Anything about the ?show= feature, additions to FAQ 148, redraft FAQ 157.

Please say stuff if you have stuff to say, especially if stuff includes "Hey, you made a mistake! Fix it!"

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