Philip Newton (pne) wrote in lj_userdoc,
Philip Newton

Document the fact somewhere that LJ only shows the past two weeks' worth on your friends page

LiveJournal only shows entries your friends have made in the past two week. However, this does not appear to be documented in the FAQs anywhere (one user I asked about it even told me he had gone through every FAQ looking for "two" or "week").

DeadJournal documents this; it would be nice if LiveJournal did so, too. (Perhaps under "limits on data", FAQ 148? Or a new FAQ about Friends Pages in general? Or under Troubleshooting?)

The number of entries in your LASTN view (75 on LiveJournal, I believe) before it goes over to Calendar should also be documented somewhere; I don't think this is in a FAQ, either (though I'll admit I haven't looked that hard).

Tags: cat-features, faq148

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