Garin Wind (aajwind) wrote in lj_userdoc,
Garin Wind

FAQ #157

Community Moderation is a feature which is designed to help stop off-topic or abusive entries in communities. If the moderation feature is enabled for your community, any time a new entry is made, a notification is sent to the community's moderator(s). In the notification, there is a link to a page where the moderators can approve or reject the entry. Until the entry is accepted, it is not visible to the other community members. If the entry is accepted, a notification will be sent to the poster informing them that it was accepted. If the entry is rejected, the entry will be completely deleted; the poster will receive a notification with the full text of their entry and the reason why the request was rejected, if the moderator chose to give one.

To enable the moderation feature on your community, you must go to the Community Management area ( Next, click the "Settings" link next to the community that you wish to moderate. Under the "Moderation" heading, select the "Moderated" option. Then click the "Update Settings" button. Now, your community is moderated.

However, before any entries can be accepted or rejected, you must designate at least one community moderator. To do this, you must go back to the Community Management area ( Then, next to the moderated community, go to the "Members" area. You will see a list of all the members in your community. Now, check the "Moderator" checkbox next to the username of each member that you wish to make a moderator.

Another option is to give a member Unmoderated status. This means that that member's entries are automatically approved and are visible to the other community members as soon as they are posted. To give a member Unmoderated status, choose the "Unmoderated" checkbox next to that member's username. Once you are finished with all moderation changes in the Community Members area, click the "Update Settings" button. A moderator can also give a user "Unmoderated" status after approving a entry made by this user.

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