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FAQ #71


FAQ #71 has the following paragraph:
* Use a password that cannot be easily guessed. A combination of letters (both lowercase and uppercase) and numbers is recommended. Avoid using the same password that you use on any of your other Internet accounts.
Many people (especially Support requestors ;-)) are reluctant to using a complex password because they're afraid they can't remember it. I would like to add a paragraph that gives an example of how to construct a secure password that's easy to remember.
A good way of constructing a secure password that you will still be able to remember easily is to use a "password phrase". For example, the following phrase:
John, look! My LiveJournal "rocks".
can be made into a secure password by using the first letter of each word and some of the punctuation marks:
Of course, you should not use this particular example given here, because it is publicly visible in this FAQ.

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