Melissa (asciident) wrote in lj_userdoc,

inactive userpics

FAQ46 mentions inactive icons, but doesn't actually explain them, how inactivity is determined, etc.

I'd like to see it expanded a bit so it can be easily referenced, rather than having people write out the explanation over and over. :)

Also, do you think it's useful to be its own FAQ, so it's more easily found? I had to view all UPI FAQs and use my browser's find function to remind myself where it was mentioned. :P

Anyone have a good bit of text? I'm not feeling coherent (just woke up), but it should include:

* what "inactive" means, and why userpics would be marked as such (already mentioned in 46)
* how the system determines inactivity (only icons used in your own journal, not in comments or other journals IIRC)
* and obviously how to stop them from being inactive: buy more paid time.

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