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FAQ change run

A whole host of stuff.

FAQ 148: Removed the word "first" and moved the Friends limit out of the section about the Edit Info page.

FAQ 51: Added information about what happens when you delete a user picture. Should this FAQ get a more informative title now? I couldn't think of a good short one.

FAQ 145: Added information about how to go back to using S1.

FAQ 115: Added more specific information about which options to check to get comment emails (the information still refers the user to 62 where all relevant options are discussed), changed title to include the word "comment."

FAQ 19: Wording change.

FAQ 16: Added paragraph stating that paid time is non-transferable and this applies when you delete your journal.

FAQ 69: Serious rewrite, including a slight title change, more information about the poll creator and which tags are allowed in polls [link], and lots of rewording. Please proof this to make sure I didn't make any mistakes.

I tested what happens when you delete an entry with a poll in it, and to some extent what happens when you set the voting or viewing ability to friends in a community (the members can vote or view). The only thing I haven't been able to test is who can see the raw data if a poll is set to none and posted in a community journal (in a personal journal it's the journal owner, as far as I can tell). If anyone wants to do more detailed testing, that would be great.

The FAQs are highly inconsistent (sometimes even within the same FAQ) about whether to use email or e-mail. The site uses "email" in the places I've looked. Comment if you feel that the poll provides inadequate space.

Poll #136277 Email or e-mail?

Would you prefer the FAQs to use "email" or "e-mail"?


Explain your reason for preferring one option over the other, if you want.


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