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A large run of updates, some by me and some by braindrain.

Added paragraph about switching back to S1 to FAQ 7 (modify the look of journal).

Moved S2 information in FAQ 114 (paid account expiration) to be adjacent to information about S1, and labeled information about S1 as being such.

Updated FAQ 78 (community creation) with the information that an account to be converted must not have any entries in it, per hill_the_khore's suggestion, and made one minor wording change.

Added a link to FAQ 1 (userpics) to FAQ 148 (limitations on data) per timwi's suggestion.

Interlinked FAQ 92 (entry not showing up) with FAQ 160 (cache, outdated pages) (similar to xtremesaints' suggestion), and added information about backdating to 160 (per leora's suggestion).
[link; link, after first divider]

Reworded translation information in FAQ 57 (how to help) per timwi and gooner's suggestions.

Used ruakh's re-draft of FAQ 102 (custom friends groups) as the base for a new version of that FAQ.

Minor wording adjustments in FAQ 125 (lj official communities) and addition of link to FAQ 164 (how to suggest) in the paragraph about suggestions.

Wording adjustments and small title change (punctuation, terminology) in FAQ 49 (My protected posts are listed as public memories. Who can see them?). Title was "My friends only posts are listed as public memories, who will see them?". Wording adjustments were to emphasize that the user's chosen security level is what matters, and clean up phrasing a bit.

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