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Expansion and comment-forum for linkage suggestions

Since rho's linkage suggestions are quite long, there really isn't a way to comment on each one effectively in comments (unless you want to leave seventeen million comments). I went through them all and am planning on posting them a few at a time (with my comments) for further discussion.

If anyone thinks this is a terrible plan, tell me and I'll stop after this post, and try something else.

Here are the first five of rho's suggestions.

I'm using a bit different notation for compactness. FAQ titles are linked and are preceded by the FAQ number. Suggestions are in italics, my responses are plain.

(56) What is LiveJournal?
Suggested link to (60) How are interests limited?.

Although I can see the rationale for this link in the current FAQ, what might be better is to just have this become more of an overview of LiveJournal than it currently is. timwi's idea (from rho's previous post) of linking to all the basic "What is it?" FAQs is good. What the FAQ should do is explain that you keep a journal, you have your user info, you watch you friends journals, you can find journals by interest, there are communities you can post in, and some other neat features of LJ, with links to informative FAQs telling what things are.

(118) How did LiveJournal get started?
Suggested link to (57) How can I help? or (4) Who runs LiveJournal?

Either or both sounds good. Could add a sentence to the discussion of volunteers, or after the second paragraph, stating "If you want to know how you can help with LiveJournal, see FAQ 57." Put a link in to the paid staff in FAQ 4, and put a sentence in FAQ 118 somewhere saying "If you'd like to know more about the people who run LiveJournal, see FAQ 4."

(55) How do I get started?
Suggest removing link to newbies.

I think this is a good idea. If we need to add it back later, fine, but newbies is basically useless at present, and linking to it makes us look bad. It might also be good to add information about adding news and lj_maintenance to your friends list, or link to (125) Which journals are officially sponsored by LiveJournal?

Also, FAQ 55 links to a guide but doesn't use the find? URL; I thought Guide links were supposed to use the find? style.

Parenthetically, the guide links to /download instead of 158; maybe we could change it?

(57) How can I help?
Suggested link to (132) How do I view LiveJournal in a different language?

Adding this seems like it would make the translation paragraph unwieldy. If it's truly necessary, perhaps it can be added as the first sentence, like this:
"You may already know that you can view LiveJournal in a different language (link 132). If you speak English and another language fluently..."

(164) How can I suggest new features or improvements for LiveJournal?
Suggested link to (57) How can I help? and (157) What is the Moderator option? How does it work?

I like the first link suggestion. Perhaps add a sentence at the end, new paragraph, saying "If you would like to learn about other ways to help LiveJournal, see FAQ 57."

I have definite reservations about the second one, though. 157 is in the Community Management category, and is really more of an administrator-oriented FAQ. If we need to mention moderation in Suggestions (which is probably a good idea) I'd prefer that it refer the user to an FAQ that explains what a moderated community is from a user perspective. We might need an new FAQ for that, although we could add moderation info to (76) How do I post in a community?. That might be confusing for Suggestions, since 76 describes the normal posting process, but it would be better than either nothing or 157, I think.

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