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next five linkage suggestions

I'll probably continue to do these at one a day until I finish them; that way they won't get too lost.

(132) How do I view LiveJournal in a different language?
Suggested link to (57) How can I help? in translation paragraph, and suggest to note that not all pages are available in translation.

The link seems like a good idea, since the paragraph in 57 is quite detailed now. As to the other suggestion, it is noted in the last paragraph that not all pages are available, but should probably be noted earlier. Maybe:
Setting your language only affects LiveJournal system pages; individual journal entries will always appear in the language in which they were entered. Not all system pages are available for translation, and not all the available pages are translated into every available language.

LiveJournal system pages [cut "ending in .bml," since not all do] that are available for translation can be viewed...language you wish to view. To specify English...

(47) What are Memories? How do I use this feature?
Suggested link to (70) How does my calendar work?

This might be helpful, but doesn't strike me as immensely important, because all the relevant information about the calendar view is already there. It also might clutter up that paragraph a bit too much. If someone gives a good wording suggestion, though, I'm for it.

The link to the calendar view needs to be changed to exampleusername (from yourusername), and whoever edits it should also changed "labelled" to "labeled" (as "labelled" is British, it doesn't belong in the en_LJ version). This FAQ should also link to (49) My protected posts are listed as public memories. Who can see them? in the fourth paragraph, probably adding a "For more information about memory security, see FAQ 49" as the last sentence.

(148) What are LiveJournal's limitations on data?
Suggested links to (61) How do I manage my friends list? and (90) What is the limit on the number of to-do list items I can have?

The first link seems like a good idea, and could go right after the sentence about listing users as friends, using the "For more information about ..." style of link.

The second I'm not sure. Although the to-do list exists, and some people do use it (I do, for example), it's quite unfinished and is labeled on every page as beta, needing documentation. There's an item in Zilla (Bug 941) assigned to crschmidt to get it out of beta and make it work better, but it's not any kind of priority. I guess as long as we have the FAQ we might as well link to it, though.

(125) Which journals are officially sponsored by LiveJournal?
Suggested link to (157) What is the Moderator option? How does it work?

I have the same problem with this as I had with the other recommendation for linking 157. gooner suggested that adding a blurb to (76) How do I post in a community? would be a better idea than an new FAQ, which sounds fine to me. In this case, though, I'm also not sure where the link should go, unless we're going to add a blanket statement that many of these communities are moderated.

(104) How do I create an account?
Suggested link to (142) How do I generate my invite codes? How do I invite someone else to join LiveJournal?

This seems good, but without additions there isn't really a place for it. I think the FAQ could be re-written a bit, so that it says something like:

LiveJournal relies on the community it creates to maintain an enjoyable journaling environment. In order to encourage healthy community growth, new free accounts must be sponsored by a present member of LiveJournal.

In order to join, you will need an invitation code from another user, which they can get from their Invite a Friend page (url). On the Create Journal page (url), you will be asked to enter that code.

If you are already a member of LiveJournal and would like to use one of your own invitation codes to create another account, see FAQ 142 for more information about generating invitation codes.

Alternately, you can decide to pay for a new account. In this case, you will receive an account creation code once your payment is processed, rather than needing to get an invitation code from a friend. Prices for accounts start at $5 US. For more information about how to purchase an account, see FAQ 21; for more information about the benefits of paid accounts, see FAQ 131.

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