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today's linkage suggestions comment-forum

Sorry for the delay on today's linkage-suggestions.

(44) How do I buy a paid account for somebody else?
Suggested link to (131) What are the paid account benefits?

I'm not sure this is really necessary, because if someone really wants to buy a paid account for a friend, then they aren't necessarily going to care what the benefits are. I'm not opposed to it, though.

(114) What happens to my paid account when it expires?
Suggested links to
(128) How do I make a custom style?
(64) How do I create a custom mood theme?

In my understanding, FAQ 114 is really just supposed to tell you what happens to those things if you have them already. Maybe we can link to 131 at the beginning or end for more information for people who want to remind themselves of the benefits; it then links to most other FAQs.

It might be okay if they were just parenthetical links, like "and have created a style for your journal (128)".

(113) How do I check my LiveJournal email?
Suggested link to (21) How do I buy a paid account?

I think the FAQs usually link to 21 and/or 131 when discussing paid account features, and this would be consistent with that.

(69) How do I add a poll to a journal entry?
Suggested to add mention that <lj user> and <lj comm> tags can be used
in a poll, and link to (75) What are the LiveJournal-specific tags? What do they do?

Yeah, these should be added. When the FAQ was re-written recently, we must have forgotten to include those in the allowed-tags tests.

(64) How do I create a custom mood theme?
Suggested link to (21) How do I buy a paid account?

As noted above, I think it's normal to link to 21 and/or 131 when discussing paid account features, so this would be consistent with that.

(74) What are the fast servers?
Suggest to change link to /paidaccounts/ to (21) How do I buy a paid account?

I think it might be better to link this to 131, or 38 (account types). But I'd definitely be in favor of re-linking this to an FAQ. I think the links to /paidaccounts are supposed to be removed whenever we find them, but I'm being haunted by the fact that I once suggested to change some link (maybe to a different page, so it wasn't the same), and somehow it was one that shouldn't change. But I can't find the post anymore.

Also, this FAQ needs rewriting because this is no longer how the site works. It was changed to artificial latency a while ago, and I'm not sure anyone is even speed-limited anymore now that memcache is running. Brad said "The goal is for everybody to be as fast as possible...There are countless problems with introducing artificial slowness. Besides, giving free users a slow site isn't a good way for them to convert to paid."

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