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today's linkage-suggestions

Seven this time. Sorry for the gap yesterday!

(129) How do I forward my domain to my LiveJournal?
Suggested link to (21) How do I buy a paid account?

Like the other tell-them-how-to-buys, I think this and/or 131 is fine.

This FAQ also needs to have the described procedure changed because modify.bml is now a direct link, not a "Proceed" link. (And aren't there supposed to be dropdowns to switch journals? Where are they?)

(72) How do I make text bold, italic or centered?
Suggested link to (158) What is a downloadable client? Where can I get one? instead of /download.

Yes. Also, it should say something like "Some downloadable clients also offer alternate methods of including HTML in your entries, such as buttons or keyboard shortcuts."

(34) How do I add "Current Music" to my journal entries?
Remove link to (28) How does the music auto-detection work? (visions-specific)

There's a proposal in lj_userdoc to combine (34) with (32) How do I add a mood icon to my journal entries? and some debate about whether removing this link is a good idea, since FAQ 28 is currently hidden. I'd be in favor of combining them, and removing the link to FAQ 28 and replacing it with information that some clients can auto-detect the currently-playing music, consult the menus and documentation etc.

(91) What is the "Backdate Entry" option? How do I use it?
Adding reference and link to (33) Why are my journal entries showing an incorrect date/time?
Link to (158) What is a downloadable client? Where can I get one?

I'd say that adding a link to FAQ 33 wouldn't be that useful. If you're deliberately backdating an entry, you aren't too likely to encounter the problems described in 33. For the second, that seems good. Perhaps at the end in a "Some clients also allow..."-style link.

(26) What does the "Don't auto-format" option do?
Suggested links to
(158) What is a downloadable client? Where can I get one?

Yep, good idea. Along with the notes that this is available on the full update version of the web client and also on some downloadable clients.

(2) How do I edit a journal entry I wrote?
Suggested links to:
(70) How does my Calendar work?
(143) Why can't I edit my user bio, interests, or entries?

If I remember correctly, the idea is to take out the specific Calendar-functioning info, and link to 70 instead. Green thumbs up.

It already links to 133 - maybe this should be replaced with a link to 143? Or supplemented: (For more information on this error, see FAQ 143.)

(9) Does LiveJournal delete old journal entries?
Suggested link to (148) What are LiveJournal's limitations on data?

I don't think it's necessary, because this FAQ already contains all the necessary information about why it only displays the 75-most-recent, and it's not the main topic of the FAQ to explain about limits.

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