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today's linkage suggestions (31-35, sixth set)

We're about 60% done with these, just in case you were wondering. Keep commenting, and thank rho for all her hard work!

(8) How do I download all of my journal entries?
Suggested link to (158) What is a downloadable client? Where can I get one?

I assume this is meant to be a "Some clients also support this" type of thing. In that case it makes sense to me.

(116) Why am I having problems accessing pages on LiveJournal?
Suggested link to (74) What are the fast servers?

FAQ 116 is kind of silly because it implies that only free users have server problems, when it's a problem that can also affect paid users. I'd suggest changing it throughout so that it refers to users and servers, with no mention of free, and then maybe change the fourth paragraph to say something about how paid users usually experience fewer server problems (which I suspect may still be true even after things get fast, but if it's not then just get rid of this). If 74 is still useful, that's a fine place to link it, but it's not clear what the deal is with that right now because of the memcache stuff.

(92) Why is my entry not showing up where it should?
Link to lj_maintenance
Kill link to /support/submit.bml (please?)

These seem good to me. I assume the link to lj_maintenance would go with the link to Maybe add a sentence to the send of the second to last paragraph saying to check the known issues on /support, and if not, file a request, but with no link.

(33) Why are my journal entries showing an incorrect date/time?
Suggested link to (2) How do I edit a journal entry I wrote?

I'd guess this is intended to replace the description of how to edit here, and just say "Edit the entry by following the instructions in FAQ 2."

(122) Why can't I reply to comments in email?
Suggested link to (62) How do I set up my message boards and see comments?

Do people really end up in 122 when they haven't set up their message boards? It seems like a pretty specific problem. It might be helpful to link to (115) Where are my comment notification emails? -- something like "If you are not receiving comment email at all, see 115."

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