Philip Newton (pne) wrote in lj_userdoc,
Philip Newton

FAQ 96 (Comment link overrides) and the "Disjointed" style

FAQ 96 says that the first group of comment link overrides is compatible “with the "Default LiveJournal", "Punquin Elegant w/ Sidebar", "Notepad", "Refried Paper", "Clean and Simple", "Disjointed", and "Magazine" styles”.

However, while the override is certainly compatible (in the sense that it doesn't show in a wildly different place, such as would occur if you used the override in Generatot), it introduces extra space, which has confused at least one user (leading to this request).

Should there be another section for Disjointed without the <p> tags?

On the other hand, that would make the FAQ even more confusing than it already is (with the three existing sections of overrides, and people occasionally use the wrong kind for their style).

Tags: cat-s1, faq96

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