Gay But Not Narrow (ruakh) wrote in lj_userdoc,
Gay But Not Narrow

FAQ #75 and LJ-specific non-URLs.

So I was looking through the code the other day, and found that there are actually a whole lot of LJ-specific non-URLs.

FAQ #75 describes three:
- lj:user/exampleusername, which becomes
- lj:support/foo, which becomes (where foo is a number)
- lj:faq/bar, which becomes (where bar is a number)

There are others, too:
- lj:user/exampleusername/blahblahblah/foobarbaz, which becomes
- lj:user/exampleusername/profile, which becomes
- lj:support, which becomes
- lj:faq, which becomes
- lj:, which becomes

(Anything beginning with lj: that isn't recognized will become

Is there a reason these aren't in the FAQ?

1. It's a minor point, but these aren't really "URL forms," since a URL is a Uniform Resource Locator. (Unless "URL form" is meant to mean "code that has the 'form' of a URL"?)
2. They only work when they're the value of an element's href attribute (so they won't autolinkify). Is that worth mentioning?

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