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FAQ changes summary, etc.

Summary post time! I can only post about what I know happened (mostly stuff I did), so if you did something I don't know about, you'll have to speak for yourself.

gooner fixed FAQs 2, 3, and 119 to include information about the new Delete Entry button.

burr86 fixed FAQ 25 to include a note that if you have few entries, you might prefer to create a new account rather than rename.

FAQ 6 - Reversed order of examples to put the simpler one first, now suggests the use of lj-cut with images (and links to 75).

FAQ 67 - Information about auto-linkification added, and examples adjusted to be more efficient, per timwi's suggestion.

FAQ 85 - Added specific link to /interests.bml and note about search box on some system schemes, per pne's suggestion. Also added info about what actually happens in searches depending on number of results.

FAQ 47 - Changed wording to add the term "comments" and put "message boards" in parens, per suggestion of opal1159. Also did a general wording update, changed description of using calendar to FAQ 70 link (per suggestion made by rho in the linkage bits), and linked discussion of security to FAQ 49, which is a clarification of the point that memory security is different from entry security.

FAQ 92 - Changed description of where backdated entries appear, per suggestion of rho. General cleanup and addition of security descriptions (because Refried Paper doesn't use the icons), added link to lj-maint and killed link to support/submit/bml as long as I was at it, per earlier suggestion of rho in the linkage bits.

FAQ 72 - Updated allowed tags in posts and comments, noting that the list there is not exhaustive, and that comments don't allow form tags. Changed link from /download to FAQ 158, and added a note that some clients have HTML preview.

FAQ 69 - Added info about lj user and lj comm tags, and link to 75. This was in rho's linkage bits, but I felt bad that I omitted those tags in my previous rewrite of FAQ 69, so I did it now.

FAQ 62 - Added link to 115 (where are my comment emails?) , because I thought it needed to be there (there's a whole discussion of comment emails with no link to "why am I not getting them"). It wasn't in rho's bits.

Yes, there are five mentions of rho previous to the mention that counts the mentions.

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