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linkage suggestions #7

I'm back to it! After this, there are about 15 more.

(162) Why can't I stay logged into LiveJournal, and what can I do to solve this problem?
Suggested link to (135) What is the "Bind to IP address" option when I log in?

This seems like a good idea; a little rearranging of the sentence structure in the paragraph about this should provide an avenue for the link.

(1) What are user pictures? How do I upload them?
Suggested link to (46) How many user pictures can I have? (for information about inactive userpics)

I think this is a good idea. I'd put it in like this:
...they will remain there. However, some of them will become inactive. For more information about inactive icons, see FAQ 46. Once you decide...

Of course, this also means that we should improve the inactive-info in 46. :-)

(46) How many user pictures can I have?
Suggested link to (38) What are the different account types?

I think this is a good idea, and would put it in parentheses right after the words "account type" in the first line.

(95) How do I post using a different user picture? What are keywords?
Suggested link to (158) What is a downloadable client? Where can I get one?

I think this would fit really well right at the end of the third paragraph, in the usual style of "For more information about downloaded clients..."

(111) Are there content restrictions for user pictures? Can my user pictures show anything I want?
Suggested link to (105) How do I contact the Abuse team?

I'm guessing this would replace the current "please contact the Abuse Team by writing to" with "please contact the Abuse Team. To learn how to contact the Abuse Team, see FAQ 105" or something like that.

(15) Can I edit/delete/screen a comment I posted or that was posted in my journal?
Suggested link to (20) How do I ban/unban a user from commenting in my journal?

This seems like a good idea -- there's a similar link in (22) How do I disable commenting in my journal?. I guess just putting it at the end makes sense. "If you want to block comments from a particular user..." etc.

(35) If someone lists me as a Friend will they see my Friends-Only entries?
Suggested link to /login.bml.

This seems okay, but not really necessary. Would it go at the end of the first paragraph or after "Note that if you are logged in"?

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