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FAQ update run

A very large number of FAQ changes, made over a fairly large span of time, summarized here for your enjoyment.

Please check up on these to make sure no insanity was introduced in the process of updating. :-)

FAQ 69 (Polls): Moved reminders having to do with polls in entries up to the first section of the FAQ, and linked information about deleting an entry that a poll is in to FAQ 3 (Entry Deletion).
[link] (from xtremesaints)

FAQ 66 (IP Logging): Linked 66 to FAQ 109 (Anonymous Poster Problems).
[link] (from finding_helena)

FAQ 160 (Cache Problems): Changed title order, removed "with current entries" from question about friends view.
[link] (from ladydiana)

FAQ 157 (Community Moderation): Updated information in third paragraph to reflect code changes.
[link] (from aajwind).

FAQ 135 (Login Options): Changed title from "What is the "Bind to IP Address" option when I log in?" to "What are the options when I log in?" and added information about the expiration options and the new characters that you can append to your username to change the options as you log in. Please check this over for possible improvements, since I did the draft from just the general proposal.
[link] (from aajwind).
Original mention of the login characters from ruakh here.

(This was a fairly major change but since all the old info is still there I marked it minor in the translation system to prevent the requirement for re-translation. Someone please yell at me if this is wrong.)

FAQ 57: Added paragraph about helping beta-test new features.
[link] (from timwi)

FAQ 75: Added more information about using the LJ-specific URL forms, including examples.
[link] (from ruakh)

The third set of linkage-suggestions changes were implemented. This comment on the entry indicates what specifically was done about each suggestion. The first and second sets have mostly been implemented. We still need a draft for FAQ 56 that catches a lot of the basic "What is X?" FAQs and generally provides a better overview of LJ, and assessment of this idea of Abe's.

The changes drafted in this post were made, including the combination of FAQs 32 and 34. 34 is now obsolete and hidden.

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