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FAQs 45 and 77

lyspeth mentioned FAQ 45 in this post, but I think it deserves a post of its own.

FAQ 45, "How do community journals work?", doesn't seem to contain any useful information that isn't covered elsewhere in the FAQ. The first paragraph doesn't have much to do at all with how communities work and would be more fitting in FAQ 77 ("What is a community?"). The link to community_quest as an example community could also easily go in FAQ 77, and the rest of 45 is just links to other FAQs.

I suggest putting any relevant information from FAQ 45 into FAQ 77 and getting rid of the former.

I also question some of the wording in FAQ 77. I think the first paragraph is a bit misleading about what the majority of communities are created for. Here's the original wording:

"A LiveJournal community is a meeting place. For example, users who are interested in a particular subject can find or create a community based on this subject. Residents of a town or city can gather to exchange information about it or to announce local events."

Something as simple as moving the "for example" from the second sentence to the third sentence would be an improvement.

What do you all think?

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