Melissa (asciident) wrote in lj_userdoc,

Slight proposed change to FAQ 96

In the How can I change what my "comments" links say? FAQ (#96)

I would like to propose a sentence being added to this paragraph:

"Here are the override codes. This first group of overrides are compatible with the "Default LiveJournal," Punquin Elegant w/ Sidebar," and "Notepad" styles. If you are using the "Generator" or "Tabular Indent" styles, take the appropriate codes from the two labeled sections that follow after."

The proposed sentence being something to the effect of:

"If you already have a LASTN_HEAD, FRIENDS_HEAD, or DAY_HEAD override in place, you will need to merge the appropriate code from below with the existing override for them to work."

Please reword this if anyone can think of a better sentence to get this idea across. I think it is a common mistake that users make and could be eliminated if this were in the FAQ.

Thank you. :)
Tags: cat-s1, faq96

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