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Support Guide

Yeah, I know it's not official yet, but it's already out of date. As per this thread, it could use some additions.

1) Some information about learn_support should be inserted after the sentence on lj_support something like: You may also find learn_support useful as it is specifically designed to help new support volunteers. Unlike the official page, new support helpers can post there, and common problems that new helpers run into are discussed.

The professionalism section should add in that people should answer requests using singular not plural; I not we. As dormando pointed out here.

Finally, I made a new section that if used should have the current information on security bugs and referring people to suggestions should be put into. It does not include a policy on referring users to another forum, because I don't know what the policy is. Anyhow, I'll put the cut tag here and include that block of text below. Have fun editing :)

Specific Guidelines for Various Questions

Invitation Codes:
When a person complains about being unable to get a LiveJournal account because of the requirement for an invitation code do not offer the person a code, tell the person to ask anyone for a code, or tell the person to use a different journal service. The problem with telling them to ask for a code is that we already have had problems with non-users emailing or IMing strangers with LiveJournal accounts for a code. We don't want to give anyone the idea to do. What you should do is tell the person that invite codes are a temporary measure to limit abuse of journals and that they can either buy an account now or check back periodically to see if an invite code is still needed. Make it clear that if they buy an account, when the paid period expires they will still have the account; they will only lose the paid account features. You might also mention that a paid account comes with extra invite codes that can be shared with friends.

Linking to External Sites:
This should be avoided when possible, but some requests do benefit from a link to another site. The problem with linking to another site is that we can't control the policies of that site. It might vanish or change its nature at any time. This should always be made clear when linking to another site. Especially if it is at all likely to do so. You also might want to periodically check any site you recommend to make sure it is still worth recommending.

When image hosting comes up, you should suggest that users check with their ISP to see if they have web space with their accounts. Most ISPs do provide web space, and this is the best solution for users who need a place to host pictures. For more information on the difficulties of requesting outside sites for image hosting, please see this thread.

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