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finding my way

update run

FAQ update run! It's about damn time I did this. :-)

FAQ 2: Added instructions about how to get to entries if you don't have comments enabled (referencing the Calendar FAQ, #70). The instructions don't need to be added to FAQ 3 (Entry Deletion) because it references FAQ 2 for that information.

FAQ 19: Added a link to emailmanage.bml because no one seemed to object.

FAQ 40: Incorporated information about malformed HTML; compressed previous text somewhat. Change in title to include "display incorrectly." This change was marked Major, because of the content shift and title change.

FAQ 131: Added information about underscore problem in subdomains.

FAQ 82: Added a note that leaving the community now asks if you want to defriend it as well, and clarified related wording.

FAQ 100: Added a note that if you don't want the new maintainer to know the current community password, e.g. it's the same as your personal journal password (*cough*BAD USER*cough), you should change it before giving it to them.

FAQ 103: Added a note that generated invite codes are good until a journal is deleted and purged or suspended. I was thinking of putting it at the bottom; preferences anyone?

I started back right after my last update postdand skipped a few things that were complicated or had no definite conclusion.

Pretty soon I'll start working on the fourth linkage suggestions post, so if you have any comments to make on it, now would be the time.

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